How to disappear

  • Hi Beautiful 🙂
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  • How are you doing?
  • You are incredibly good looking wg
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  • What a fab smile you have
  • Thank you.
    I’m Lukas, what’s the name?
  • I’m Red, nice to meet you Lukas. Lovely horse, yours?
  • Nice meeting you too.
  • No Mum owns the horse
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  • You look so beautiful in your picture
  • And quite younger than your age.
  • What am I to say to that, I’m middle aged and it shows, I have wrinkles and grey hair and work hard to stave off the inevitable effects of ageing.
  • I think you look pretty good for a 51 year old.
  • Where are you from Red?
  • Thanks, I’m in xxxxxx, 2 kms from the beach and yourself?
  • I’m from Utah in the United States and I’m currently in Southbank.
  • Mum is French while Dad is American. What’s your background?
  • Are you visiting?
  • I’m here for work.
  • I’m a Project Engineer and I oversee the construction of high rise buildings.
  • The company I work for plans to extend it’s services to Australia and I will be be one in charge of the Australia office.
  • We having a conference meeting on how to make this a success here in Melbourne, so I’m here with my colleagues.
  • I would be moving here fully.
  • Did you put your hand up for this assignment?
  • To melbourne
  • Well we certainly are giving you a taste of out weather. Melbourne is known for its fickle weather 27 degrees to 17 is pretty standard.
  • No I didn’t but I knew I was going to get an assignment like this soon.
  • I have been working for the company for 20 years now.
  • That’s a big ask for you, Would you want to relocate to the other side of the world. Melbourne is so far from everywhere
  • Where in the USA are you based
  • I’m based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Sincerely, I’m happy with this move.
  • Does that make you a morman?
  • Since my divorce got finalized, I have always wanted to reloacte.
  • No I’m not a Mormon
  • None of my business buts that the only thing I know about Salt Lake City except for the song
  • Well melb is a very liveable city, what sport do you like
  • I know, thats what the city is popularly known for.
  • I like soccer and I also love a mean game of pool
  • What about you?
  • Rowing, karate, mma, boxing, motorcycle racing, hockey
  • I hope you don’t end up kicking my ass too hard if have a connection 😁
  • And that kills me unfortunately
  • When is the decision to relocate likely
  • I’m just about to go to a party have a good night and keep in contact, how long are you in Melbourne for??
  • I would be moving fully by the end of this month because work needs to get started here asap.
  • I will be here for about 2 weeks right now.
  • Would be glad if you send me a message when you are back.
  • Have fun
  • Hello, so it was a quick party, home now
  • Where will you live when you move to melb
  • The company would pay for a place of my choice.
  • Nice so all you have to decide on is the type of life you want to live, melb has distinct areas and lifestyles
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  • Yes
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