Eharmony – totally hopeless

Hi there – I find some of these questions a bit limiting so I am ignoring convention and heading down a new path with my answers.  I’d appreciate it if you’d read all my info because eharmony has said we are a match – I’d be interested to know what you think.

Firstly I am a lot left of centre – I have a few quirks that make me a rather interesting person.

I ride a motorcycle and have done since I was a teen.  I use to be hard-core but now I’m more a fair weather rider.  I also love my push bike and enjoy getting around in this fashion.

I practice karate and train three to four times a week.  No I am not a black belt.  I love the discipline, the technical skills, the sparing and being in a team without being in a team, (all the camaraderie of a team with the benefit of no one relying on you).

I use to row – up at 5 am four mornings a week for 10 years – but being 162cm’s I was just too short to get anywhere with it – so that went by the wayside.

The only sport I watch is UFC – just love a bit of cage fighting and maybe rugby but I couldn’t care less about AFL, cricket, golf, tennis, motorsports, basketball etc.

I also love camping in my caravan and getting away for the weekend into the bush or the beach.  I am an avid snorkeler.

So now you must be thinking I’m some kind of uncultured ruffian – but I am a dichotomy.  I LOVE and attend theatre, ballet, opera, classical music, and contemporary dance.  Last year I saw over 50 performances.  Gallery openings, flower and garden shows, home expos, fine dining– all take my fancy.  I love topical gardens and roses, design and interior decorating.

When I travel I like to go local – travel on the local bus, stay in the local accommodation, live in the local way – I have had sensational travel experiences -living in a Zanzibarian village, a bungalow in Vanuatu, backpacking Europe, home staying in Cuba.  Sure I like gorgeous hotels but I struggle to justify the expense – why travel overseas to stay in a resort full of tourists – better to stay home and get a facial, I say.

I’m educated, seriously intelligent, hilarious and witty.  My emotional intelligence is well developed and I am comfortable in my skin.  I think I’m pretty well put together and certainly worth taking the risk on a few emails, phone conversations and dates.  I am not a psycho and I am not needy.

In general I am a very positive person and my friends say I am supremely resourceful and resilient. Like most people I have stared down the long corridor of depression driven by the sadness of divorce, the struggle with cancer (11 years free) and the grief of death and I have clawed my way back to the light one day at a time without relying on drugs.  I am like a peach – delicious with a tough centre.

My philosophy about eharmony is that everyone is here with the best of intentions and should be treated respectfully.  To that end, if my profile is interesting to you and you get a sense of connection then I’d love you to send me an email – what have you got to loose except the opportunity to meet a stellar woman.

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