• Hi Miss Button
    Sent from the OkCupid app  Apr 6
  • Hello mr Adp
    Sent from the OkCupid app  Apr 7
  • Haha. You can call me Andy
  • Hi Andy, I’m Miss button or Love
  • First name Love?
  • How are you today?
  • Why not, nah it’s Red. I’m good and you
  • Hey little Red. Ready for the weekend?
  • Yes still at work and working tomorrow as well
  • What do you do for work that keeps you so late Miss Red?
  • I work in the arts
  • And we have a performance tonight
  • Ah nice. Actress?
  • Musician?

    What you do ?
  • I’m work inFilm and Television
  • That sounds interesting- what do you work on
  • I’m a freelancer. Films and drama series
  • Oh I’m currently in a jazz bar listening to music theatre
  • Nice babe. All dressed up for the night?
  • But you know all about long hours
  • That I do.
  • So what are You doing tonight mr Andy
  • I’m having a quiet night relaxing on the couch
  • Track pants on and a scotch in my hand
  • For some reason. That sounds incredibly sexy
  • Ah…..does it?
  • Warm scotch on my lips
  • It might be because I’m listening to some great singers
  • Haha. So not me here in my tracksuit pants with no underpants then?
  • Ooh I just got a visual, you wild thing you
  • Good visual?
  • With your musical soundtrack
  • Great visual, you wearing a t shirt
  • Yes I am
  • What are you wearing babe?
  • Tight blue jeans and a soft transparent red top
  • And my name badge
  • And I’m not wearing undies either
  • Ooooh. So your arse looks good with no pantyline?
  • That is sexy
  • I hate vpl
  • Me too
  • Nice to feel the jeans against your arse ?
  • I don’t know – you’ll have to test it and tell me if it feels nice
  • Mmmmm
  • Run my hands over your arse?
  • Something about you makes me feel like a dangerous woman
  • Lean back against me
  • Sorry my show just finished so it’s been madness for the last 25 minutes
  • That’s ok babe
  • I was just imagining……..
  • Would you give me your phone number and I’ll call you on my way home
  • Sure Red. 04xxxxxxxx
    Sent from the OkCupid app  Apr 7


    We met in a bar in Hampton.  He was tall,  intelligent, easy to talk too. We discussed his ambition to work in Hollywood, how poor he was and how difficult it was to find decent affordable accommodation in Melbourne.

I paid for the drinks.

He walked me to my car and we kissed, Nice but nothing explosive.  We chatted on and off for a couple of weeks.  We just couldn’t seem to find the time to get together again.  I haven’t heard from him since early May and its now August.


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