Random Stranger

It was Friday night when I received a message.  

                                                          “Hi  Babe its Paul”

I hate it when I’m called Babe, but I responded thinking it was one of the guys I had recently given my number too.

“What you doing to night” he asked and we started a good 1/2 hour text convo on all things about life, the universe and meeting up.

He asked me to send him a photo – which I did – his response   “Hot”

He sent one of himself – I didn’t recognise him at all,  I’d never seen him or contacted him ever.  “Darl how did you get my number, I’ve never met you before?”

“Ýou gave it to me at the gym”he said

“No darl I didn’t”

“You want to meet up anyway – your still hot”

And that is how I met Paul, 32 , covered in tats and working as a bouncer.

Lifes so funny.



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