Jack 30

His name isn’t Jack, his real name is arabic but he learnt early on that arabic names aren’t popular in Australia.  So he picked the most aussie name he could find, Jack.  Originally from Jordan, he’s just one of the many young arabic men I’ve met over the last couple of years.

Hard working, dedicated to improving the quality of his life, a little patriarchal and chauvinistic but generally  well intentioned and, in a surprisingly cool way, well mannered.

I met him one night at a Saints and Sinners Ball.  He was obviously a body builder and had muscles ripping on muscles.  My approach was straightforward  “you darl, are gorgeous!”

He bowed a thankyou and sashayed off into the heaving night.  Of course he wasn’t interested in me – such a gorgeous hardworking young thing.  I saw him bouncing on some sweet young thing later in the night, his bum a wonder to behold.

If you’ve never been to a Saints and Sinners ball –  there is lots of public sex, on the stage, on the dance floor, in various lounges and on tables, lots of sex.  And lots of naked and near naked bodies – its an experience let me tell you.

At 2 am I decided it was time I headed home and as I changed out of my safe but sexy negligee, there he was.  We smiled and chatted about the night.

“Would I like his number, would I like to go out sometime”

I couldn’t believe he was asking but i said yes and gave him my phone  – “Jack”.  I laughed and asked him for his real name – he said Jack would do.

Jack held my arm and walked me to my car, politely said goodbye and left.

I rang him a couple of weeks later and we arranged to go out – but not as a couple – he made that very clear that he wasn’t interested but as partners to an event.  Was i interested?

“Yes” I said and I became Jacks partner at some of Melbourne wildest swinger events.  Just like that I was a regular  in a world I had only ever heard of.

Wet on Wellington, has to be experienced to be believed as does Attungas and Debauchery.

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