Modern day dating experiences of a 50+ yr old woman

Along with the tragedy of failed relationships is the sad slow dawning realisation that you’ve lost so much more than happiness, security, family and friends.  You’ve lost your confidence, looks, sense of humour and belief that there is the right man out there for you.

One whole year on RSVP, months of profile re-editing, countless photo updates and not a single contact, not one man found me or my profile attractive enough to flick me a kiss or message me a hello.

I reach out to Mr Handsome, Mr Sporty, Mr Upbeat, Mr Kindhearted and if they respond at all, it is with a “no thanks – best wishes”.

I look in the mirror and see with their eyes the saddest of truths – I’m a broken, alcohol saturated, bloated, bitter woman. 

I don’t visit a dating website for the next two years.  Instead I join a social group with lots of dress up opportunities and when that fails to produce a positive outcome, I try speed dating as well.

Its 2016 and I haven’t had a date or sex or a kiss from a man in countless years.  Its time to change.



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