April Fools joke surely???

  • Him: Hey
Sent from the OkCupid app Apr 1, 2016
  • Me:   Your kidding me right?
  • Him:  Nopw
  • Him:  Your a babe
  • Me:  Lol, and old enough to be your mothers younger sister
  • Him:  That makes it more fun
  • Me:  Nah, I can’t take you to my line dancing class, the girls would get jealous
  • Him:  HAha you can tell them you banged a 24 year old
  • Me:   Premature ejaculation. That’s what they’d say, and in my experience you youngsters have no stamina.
  • Him:   Haha
  • Me:   See even you know it’s true


Funny enough, I didn’t hear back from him after this


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