His critical eye watched me undress, “take everything off and come lie down, I have a treat for you…..close your eyes”.  I felt the soft silk scarf gentle placed across my eye.  “not too tight?” he asked, the consideration evident from his tone….  “no its fine…what are you going to do to me” I asked.

“shhhhh, don’t worry you will enjoy this, I promise” he kissed me then – a delightful surprise from his lips.  I felt his fingers slide along my arm locating my wrist – another scarf tied – pulled tight – restrained now, locked to the bedframe.  It dawned on me that he was tying me down – a little edge of fear creeping in….and as if sensing my growing concern he reassured me with a whisper in my ear.  “You will enjoy this so be a good girl and lie still while I spread your legs apart, I want you open and unable to resist…..I want to look inside you!”

His fingers slid up my legs and caressed my pink folds, rolling around my pink, pulling my lips apart, playing with my flesh, stretching my skin.  He probed into me, one, two, three fingers – pushing deep and spreading me apart, searching for my g spot – opening me up.   I begged him then – “Oh fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me, please fuck me”.

The suddenness with which he withdrew surprised me.  “You want to be fucked?” he quizzed.  “How about I eat you first – would you like that?”  He asked

“yes yes yes yes yes please, oh yes”

“Do you like being tied up and blindfolded?” his question eliciting another stream of “yes, yes, yes” from my lips.

“Very well, but first I am removing another of your senses”, the noise cancelling headphones he used when travelling fitting snuggly on my head.

All sound became muffled, “Doug, I’m not sure about this…….”, my voice sounding strange in my head.  Of course I could not hear his response but worse I felt as if he wasn’t in the room, as if he had left me.

“Doug?????” Nothing!!!

I pulled against the restraints but he had done a great job and I was captive until he chose to release me.  I desperately needed to pee and to cum.  My pussie aching from his ministrations.

A breeze played across my nipples and they stood up, cold against my skin….”Doug, what’s going on?”

I felt fingers pinch my nipples –it took me by surprise “ouch”.  Douge fingers tracing their way down my belly and to my love button, swirling and turning and patting my tiny clit.   Something was different but I could not tell what “Doug???” I questioned again.

The sensation of a tongue on my clit took me by surprise.  Short sharp flicks followed by the gentlest of flat-tongued pressure.  A gentle mouth sucking at my clit, coaxing it from its hood, twirling tongue around my button, not direct, not harsh, but soft like the licking of a cat.

“Oh yes – I love that, Doug I love that” I moaned.  My pink flesh yielded to the pressure – tongue pushing into me over and over again then travelling the length of my split – up and down.   “Oh fuccccck that’s good”

I arched my back as the tongue pushed deep into my wet, soaking cunt”.  Abruptly the ear phones and blindfold were pulled from my head and I opened my eyes to see Doug standing beside me, his cock rock hard and inches from my mouth.    Confusion took hold – if you are beside me, who is licking my hole.  Incredulous, I opened my mouth but before I could move my head to look at the player between my legs, your cock forced its way deep into my mouth.  You mounted me then, driving your cock deep into my throat making me gag.  Your fingers replacing the tongue between my legs.  “Suck my balls and lick my arsehole while I mouth-fuck her” you command.  A female laugh, “sure happy too”.

I hear you moan, I hear the pleasure in your voice as you encourage this other woman   Your passion so great, your hold on my head, so firm, you cock gagging me over and over again.  I know you are cumming, your body taunt, your head thrown back, your eyes look into mine.  You are the master.  This other woman’s body pressed on mine as she buries her head between your butt cheeks searching for your sack and licking your arsehole.

With your hands firmly on my head you drive your cock deep into my mouth in over and over again until you unleash your cream into my mouth and over my face.  “do not swallow” you command and I hold your hot salty cum in my mouth.  You fall off me in exhaustion – spent and depleted.

“Kiss her, lick my cum from her mouth” and for the first time I see the other and I know why you chose her – curvy, blonde and pretty….mmmmm  She kisses me and sucks your cum from my mouth – her arse wiggling in the air.  I see you move behind her and watch as you stroke yourself hard – takes so little time, I know you are turned on.  Our eyes meet as you reach for a condom……and I watch as you mount her and plunge into her  – I watch as the douge sensations that play across your face when you fuck me, are evident as you plunge into her hole.  – Tears form in my eyes, I have gone from ecstasy to crushed failure in minutes.


You watch me and laugh…..”Lee doesn’t like anal sex. Do you like anal sex? ” you ask the blonde.  She nods and looks into my eyes – “don’t cry sweetie’, she says and licks my tears”.  I lay there, restrained unable to look away, this woman above me bucking and moaning, grinding against you as you fuck her arse- your momentum increasing.

“I love it, fuck my arse hard” she says, and you comply.

“Lee doesn’t like eating pussy either” you tell the blonde.

“Really!” she says

“Put your cunt in her mouth, make her eat your pussie”




You have gone to let her out of our house.  I have been tied to the bed for over an hour – I am sore, desperate for a pee and sad that I’ve lost you.  You look at me from the doorway, your hand playing with your cock…..what were the tears about, you ask.  I don’t know how to explain.

You untie my legs and I slam them shut so happy to be able to close them.  You untie my arms and I wipe them over my mouth to remove the wetness of her from me.  I go to stand and you tell me to stay there.  I really don’t want to comply, “I need to pee”, I tell you.

“And I need to make love to you first.  Open your legs, open your body to me” you say.  I look into your eyes, they are dark and compelling.  I can never resist you.  You climb onto me, your cock hard, so beautifully hard and already I feel my heat rise, I want you in me so so bad. I want you now, I need you now.  You laugh, you know you have me and it delights you.

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