Soft Places

Plenty of fish profile 2017

In my books, intelligent, articulate, fit nice guys always win. If you want to know about my Soft places read on.
I really enjoy life. I Love being a woman, I love how my hips swing when I walk, how my little layer of famine protection hides muscle, how my jelly shakes and wiggles, how bone tired I feel when I finish training. How good it feels to climb into bed and how delicious it is falling asleep.
I Love summer heat although the sun and I are a challenge together. The Suns long kiss a little too much for my tender skin. Winter is also a challenge best solved by cuddling. Sometimes I think I can never be cuddled enough.

I am content to be a dichotomy – wild and moral, conservative and free, trusting and cautious, energized and lazy.
The only games I play are card games.

I find delight in simple things, slow close dancing, tender gentle kissing, beautiful flowers and exquisite perfume, waves crashing on the shore, sitting by a river, trees, Saturday mornings.
I love beauty in all things – from a well crafted piece of furniture to the lines of sailing boat, from a handcrafted basket to Japanese pottery. From the curve of a mans muscles to the tip of his toes.

My world is full of music

I love to exercise and workout, love getting sweaty, Love pushing my body just that little bit harder, just a little bit more, just to see what I can take.
I Love my femininity and I love men who RESPECT me for all my femaleness. Essentially I love the other half of what makes me a complete woman – a man.

I love a man who prioritize time together and is looking to build and cultivate a friendship, a date mate and a love interest. Seriously who doesn’t love intimacy and delicious sensuality. It surprises me that people rush the discovery of the lush stuff. I have so many erogenous zones that don’t live between my legs. I am a veritable playground (aren’t we all) and it’s in being able to discover the keys to vulnerability and intimacy that make for the most wonderful of times.

I desire good company and someone who knows how to be at home when welcomed in. My boundaries change with intimacy.

And since you read this far- some more things you should know.
I’m easy-going, kind, straight to the point
Looking for my Mr Right
I work hard and I push life to the limits.
Easily entertained – like a good story, an interesting adventure, a thoughtful conversation and silence as well.
I have a great sense of what’s truly funny.
I like people who do what they say they will, when they say they will.
I keep my promises
I make time
I honour commitment
I’m loyal
I will stand by you
I will hold your hand.

Oh and this
My flirtatious sensual nature shouldn’t be misconstrued for bed jumping fun. I’m a longer term prospect. Be fun to date, gentle with your approach, considerate of my time, respectful of the relationship building process and I will reward you with passionate, committed, honest, long term joy.
I’ve always known – right to the core of my being, that my preference is for men, in particularly fit active handsome men. I’ve known since I was a child, a feisty, red headed, independent, adventurous wild thing; that the power to be vulnerable resides in the arms of a man. An intelligent, caring, considerate Man.

Conversation Starters (i.e. what you’d like to do on a first date…)

Meeting somewhere comfortable and quiet.
Somewhere in the city on a Friday night
Somewhere in the southeast on a weekend
Cafes for brunch or lunch
Restaurants for dinner
A Classy Bar after work
A dance venue
The Foyer of a Theatre
Walk along the beach